Thursday, January 30, 2014

Avani's dose of the day!! (30 Jan 2014)

I was reading out a book to Avani. There was a picture of a little girl with her grandfather in the green meadows. So I pointed out that this is the girl and he is her grandfather.
Mummy: He is her grandpa!!
Avani: (confused whats grandfather as we have not started conversing in English with her. We try to speak in Hindi with her mostly) Kaun Grandpa?
Mummy: Grandpa means NANU
Avani: Oh NANU
Mummy: Yes NANU!!
Avani: Aapke PAPA hai Grandpa??
I was LOL! How does this little brain of a 2 year old associate Grandpa with NANU and then Grandpa with Mumma's Pa?

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