Monday, December 22, 2014

Khushi's dose of the day!! Santa's surprise

Khushi : Mummy, see SANTA has kept the Christmas gift in the temple today itself!
Mummy : Wow!! In advance??
Khushi :  Yes, because he knows I won't be at home on Christmas day.
Mummy : Wow!! So considerate of him. But you didn't keep the chit in the socks, so how does he know what to give you?
Khushi : Yeh, I forgot to put the chit. But look Mumma, he has given me chocolates in the socks, as I told you.  And gave me TATOO pens.
Mummy : That's awesome. Did you like the gift?
Khushi : Ofcourse Mumma. SANTA!! You are the best!! No! You are the best-est in this whole world! You just know what I like and what I want.
Mumma, he knows that I need Tatoo pens for our party as I am going to be the Tatoo artist. See he is so awesome! He gave me what I wanted!!

Yes, Santa is the best. He knows what you want. He makes sure you have everything you wish for in exactly the same way you have thought.
Mumma/Papa does all the hard work and Santa gets all the credit. The  364 days we strive hard to keep up to your wishes/expectations are taken as part and parcel for our duties as parents. And one day some MR SANTA sends you gift, he becomes the BEST-EST!! That's how unfair the world is to us :P

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