Sunday, December 14, 2014

Khushi's dose of the day!! Growing up fast

Mummy : Avani, you know Ishaan was telling me that you would have a party in school  
(One of the lie I have to use for sending Avani to school when she starts throwing tantrums for not going to school)
Khushi : Ishaan? How can Ishaan tell her? He is not in her school. He is in my school
Mummy : There is another Ishaan who is in her school dear!
Khushi : How can it be? Anyways my Ishaan is better than hers.
Mummy : How do you know that? You dont even know him!
Khushi : (After thinking for a while) Mumma, Is he handsome?
HANDSOME??? Wow...Is he handsome? How do I answer this? I want to be friends with my girls always. To an extent that they can share their crushes and affairs with me. But isint it too soon(Khushi is 5) for me to deal with such epic moments?