Thursday, December 4, 2014

Happy birthday Papa

When I asked my Dad for a Music player in the car, he refused! When I asked for an AC system in the car, he refused!! I wasn't too sure, why are the basic things in life an addiction and a distraction in life;In his view. He never craved for luxury, for gourmet food, for a bigger car or a bigger business. He was a gold medalist in his academics, but he never aspired for a high profile career unlike his colleagues. A very ambitious person like me had a tough time getting in terms with his satisfied and simple life.
Home is the best luxury house for him, home-cooked Mom's food  the best delicacy, his routine 9 am - 10 pm business his best time pass and his friends are his best treasure. In true sense, if I have seen any father not discriminating in a daughter and son, it was him. Right from education to our choices in life, he has approved of every valid demand equally. Infact, when it came to doing patriarchal chores like changing flat tyre of car in the middle of road, electrical work at home and even buying pan at a panwala store full of weird men around. All the things were distributed equally between us.
He never failed to appreciate the slightest of effort we took to do something apart from the routine work. Whether its the pathetic cake I made at the age of 9 or the accounting work I learnt to help him. My Mom is an artist and I am sure, she tries all the new things on earth because of the encouragement given by DAD.
When I look at my last 10 years, my professional and personal success in life. I feel, the most influential factors were the values and lessons given by my Papa. I am closer to Mum, but highly influenced by Dad. So on his 72nd birthday, I wish the very best for him. May God give him immense happiness, good health, love and everything he has desired in life. You were always the benchmark for me and I will always try to live up to your standards.Happy birthday PAPA!

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