Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Khushi's dose of the day!! Shape of eyes

Khushi : Mummy, Why we have this shape eyes?
Mummy : What do you mean?
Khushi : We should have straight shape eyes!
Mummy : (Assumes, Khushi means how she draw eyes of people in her paintings) Our eyes are not straight. We draw it straight so that its easy for you to draw it in your paintings
Khushi : Mummy, No. See how Kareena Kapoor's eyes are straight in shape! We should have eyes like her. See in the ads, you can see how straight her eyes are!! 

Well, I never thought my 5 year old can actually notice the physical features of people so minutely. I mean comparing and noticing people around us is common. But actually figuring out the physical features of an actress is again very surprising for me.
Tomorrow, I hope she doesnt come and tell me to have a size zero figure like her!! Keeping fingers crossed!! :D

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