Thursday, March 27, 2014

Khushi's dose of the day!! Compliment a day, keeps frowning away!

Mummy : Khushi you have spoilt 5 sets of crayons in last one month Khushi : It's ok Mumma Mummy : No, Its not OK Khushi : Mumma, you complain all the time. You should compliment also sometimes. Mummy : Don't I compliment you for all the good things you do? Khushi : Yes, you do...But you should compliment people atleast once everyday!!
Yes!! We should compliment somebody atleast once a day. We are taught this in our MANAGERIAL CORPORATE TRAININGS. Guess our kids are getting ready for the corporate world at the age of 5.


  1. Khushi is really true to her name...spreading 'khushi' in the form of compliments !

    1. Thanks Naba, but Khushi wants to start from herself for spreading this KHUSHI Of compliments :P...thats wat is hilarious!!