Friday, March 21, 2014

Avani's dose of the day!! Kids can really talk!

Avani is just 2 yrs but all thanks to her talkative genes (mothers!) and her elder sister at home that she has started speaking complete long sentences. When I say she has started speaking, she speaks her mind and not just repeating you. Initial few times when she told me "Mummy, aap nice dekh rahe ho!" or "Aap gym ja rahe ho? Aap waha exercise karoge?" or  "AAp internet par ho?" and other sentences,  I found it to be very cute, but not something special. But yesterday she surprised me.
Khushi (5 yrs) and Avani (2 yrs) were fighting with each other as to who will cut the birthday cake?
Khushi    : Its my birthday in April, so I will cut the cake.
Avani      : No, its my birthday, I will cut the cake!
Mummy  : Avani, its didi's birthday. She will cut the cake. Your birthday is on Christmas, dont you remember we cut your Elephant cake last December?
Khushi    : See I told you, its my birthday and I will cute the cake!
(Khushi started making all faces and teasing Avani with her tongue out and
hands flapping by her ears. And I thought, now Avani is going to start crying. But her answer took me aback. She looked at Khushi's funny face for a bit and like a carefreee composed adult replied)
Avani     : Tu MONEKY Hai kya? Monkey jaise faces bana rahi hai!

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