Sunday, March 2, 2014

Friends Forever

We had a Short Story Contest in our society last week. I was in the organizing committe, so I had no intentions of asking my 4.8 yrs old daughter,Khushi Sarawagi, to write for the contest. But when I told her about the contest, she got very excited.She insisted that she also want to participate, so for fun I asked her to tell me the story and I will write it for her. And below  is the exact story she narrated. As a mother, I am so proud of her for being so expressive at this age. Just wanted to share my joy to my closest buddy - My BLOG. So here we go...

Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful girl named Cinderella. She has come to the jungle from a nearby village. All the animals were dazzled looking at her beauty. They all found her very pretty. They thought she is so beautiful that she would know the way to the secret Golden Caves.
So the animals inquired if Cinderella knew the way to the secret golden caves. But alas she didn’t know the way. She was accompanied by another beautiful girl SnowWhite. They were best of friends and from the same village. She asked SnowWhite if she knew where the gold caves were but she also didn’t know the way.
Suddenly Cinderella remembered something and followed her instincts. To everybody's surprise, Cinderella’s instincts have led them to the secret gold caves.
There was a lot of gold there. Jewelry, pearls, and golden utensils everything was present there.
Cinderella took few pieces of golden jewelry, SnowWhite took a few and then they gave a few to the other animals as well.
They returned home excited and showed their respective Moms the gold they have brought from the secret gold caves. Their Mothers were also very happy. Then the two girls started making their castle with the money they got by selling the gold.
The two started competing with each other and showing off how beautiful their houses are. They were no more friends.
One day their mothers insisted on taking them to the caves to see the gold themselves.
When they went to show their mothers the gold caves, their mothers leaped on the treasure at once.
And to everybody's surprise the two mother's turned into a statue. Cinderella and SnowWhite didn’t know that the gold was cursed and it can be touched only by the kids. If any adult touches the gold, they would turn into gold and become a golden statue.
They both cried a lot but couldn’t get their mothers back. That was the moment both of them realized that they love each other. Their friendship is more important than their castles to them. They had lost their mothers and now they didn’t want to lose friend.
Then they both stayed happily together and loved each other very much.


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    1. Thank you Renuka. will convey her the message. :)

    2. She is expressive. Just like you..Keep it up

  2. Wow.... Good imagination...reminded me all the stories.

  3. Wow,, finally i get to read ur blog :).. good start dear,,keep it up!! :)