Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black (Blackberry crush) is always IN!!

What? Blogging about a breezer? Are you serious? I know many of us would be very happy with the prizes announced for this contest, but honestly the thought of blogging for the BREEZER is more interesting than winning that full year stock of breezer. Especially for a teetotaler like me who is not a great fan of alcohol.
Now, if I am a Teetoataler, why am I here? Come on, the dictionary meaning of teetoataler might be "A person who never drinks alcohol" but the person who drinks breezer also comes in the same category I feel.
What is a breezer? 4.4 % alcohol in some fruit juice/fruit flavoured areated drink right? So it doesnt really mean sin(read alcohol).If you bottoms up 4 bottles of breezer in 10 min still you will never get drunk I am sure.
So now, when I dont call it alcohol, whats such a big fuzz about it? Why am I such a big fan of it and why on earth do I need to break my teetoataler profile for it?
Its pretty simple and most of us -BREEZER drinkers will agree to it. Breezers are yummy!! They serve multiple purposes in my life. One, I can do the social drinking without the imaginary block of not drinking alcohol.And secondly and the most important is avoiding the horrible bitter taste and unbearable smell of alcohol. Breezer is such an amazing amalgamation of fruit juice and carbonated drink and just a bit of alcohol that it becomes doubly refreshing. Its just like ready to drink cocktails, which are preferred over any drink all over the world.
Lime, Orange, Pineapple, Craneberry, Jamaican passion from Bacardi are all brilliant. I had phases of all of them. Everytime I thought this is the best Bacardi could make, but I was wrong. After I have tasted Blackberry Crush all the others are crushed from my list. Blackberry crush in breezers to me is just like the LBD (Little black dress) which never goes out of fashion and everybody desires it whether you agree to it or no!!

The sweet and sour taste of Blackberry gives the perfect blend to match with just anything. Blackberry crush can be taken as a drink before food and also as a companion with food. With food, it serves as a fruit juice for me. It has that wonderful berry color which when put in a glass can attract any teetoataler to take a sip. Though I like to carry the breezer bottle and show off my drink.

Going down memory lane..On my very first girls night out during college, the most bold thing we had done was getting the bottles of breezer in my friends house and drinking that one bottle whole night. Its crazy how we grow up and the most fun and exciting things become so casual and trivial eventually.

So if Baracdi wants to increase their sale and want more teetoataler like me to be their customers, I strongly recommend my team to win. BLACKBERRY CRUSH IS THE BEST BACARDI BREEZER and we will ,,,we will WIN IT!!

This post is written with the intention of participating in "CATCH THE FLAVOUR" contest held by Bacardi at .


  1. No no no Jamiacan passion is best ;) :D

    jokes apart, good post! good luck...

    Do check mine and let me know what you think...

    1. Thanks Canary!! JP was my all time fav b4 BBC. So not bad at all