Tuesday, November 5, 2013


While driving to office today they played "ISHQ WALA LOVE" and for the first time it struck me.
Ishqwala love? Really? Whats that supposed to be? Aur kaunse kaunse wale love hote hai? A very beautiful song from STUDENT OF THE YEAR only if you can ignore the meaning of the lyrics. Sometimes you just want to enjoy the feel and music of the song rather than getting into the lyrics.
But on second thoughts and on a lighter note, I feel its very apt for our generation. As I call it; "THE CONFUSED GENERATION". We have our feet in two boats all the time. The traditional, idealistic, hypocrite, sacrifising, compromising, forever wala love and the honest, contoversial, selfish, human and realistic varieties of love.
I LOVE YOU has become such a common line unlike the older days. Ofcourse, its not wrong to express the love to anybody you love, but when you hear a lot of forms of this expression its funny.
Its like the sterotype line ""Hum Ek baar jeete hai, pyaar bhi ek baar karte hai!"" has become so fake with time. You have so many LOVE needs as human. Social love which comes in the vertical of marriage and this is supposedly also the ISHQWALA LOVE for our generation.But nowadays as they say "Marriage is the end of love!!" for many.

Then there is old crushes and ex-lovers wala love, which proves the Newton's laws stating "Energy (read Love) is never lost, it changes from one form to another". Emotional love which usually is seen among the fairer sex where the need to understand and be understood is higher than the supply. Ofcourse, physical love where  nowadays according to a survey, social networking sites are playing a critical role to make people more vocal about their attractions, lust for each other.
Then there is the MIDLIFE crisis wala love, where people have compromised for half of their lives with their current partners and now trying to find love which they have idealized all these years. There is CRAZY Love which may or may not be both sided but the person in love is so obsessed with the thought of loving him/her that nothing can stop him of doing crazy things in love. Then there is CONFUSED love where you dont know if its love or friendship or lust or forever wala love.
There are more varieties of love which are apparent , right from Friendship love, Casual  love,timepass love to finding the soulmate anywhere, any point of time of life. All are termed LOVE.
Its a controversial topic and there are no rights and wrongs here. Its the perspective you see it with. You have one life to live and one life to love,, so whether its ISHQ WALA LOVE or any other variations of love. Keep LOVING!!

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