Friday, November 22, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! (23rd Nov 2013)

Khushi(4.5 yr) being a very shy, sensitive child, she gets tears in eyes for  almost any small thing. Somebody tells her something, she gets hurt or a casual kids fight in school..she is ready to complain and cry. With great efforts and with passing time we have consoled her to fight for her own rights and in any situation tell herself "I AM GOOD..I AM FINE". Yes it was inspired by the ALL IZZ WELL mantra.
So in school while practising for some race for sports day, she was pushed by her partner. She fell very badly on her forehead and her forehead was swollen almost for a week after that. Teachers gave her first aid, we made sure no internal injuries are there and subsequently everything was fine.
Last week when we went to meet her Teacher during a PTA session. Casually, the topic was discussed and I was trying to tell the teachers its nobody's fault and these things are part and parcel of growing up. That time Khushi's teacher informed me that when Khushi was hurt badly and they asked her if it pained..there was only one reply she gave to them and it was

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