Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Avani's dose of the day! !(4th Dec 2013)

Avani(2 yrs) and Khushi(4.5 yrs) were playing with their Dad when Dad removed few 5 Rs coin from his wallet. As soon as Khushi saw the coins she wanted those coins as pocket money.

Khushi : Papa pls give me those coins, my pocket money!!
Dad : No, you already have your piggy bank full! I won't give it to you this time!!
Khushi : Ok
Dad : Avani, Do you want pocket money??
Avani looked sad and lost, so Dad asked again
Dad : Avani, Do you want pocket money??
Avani gives a sad look and showed her pants and top and signed...
Avani : Pocket nahi hai!! Pocket nahi hai!!

It split all of us into laughter. Its funny why pocket money is called pocket money when mostly its never kept in the pocket by kids!! And funnier when a 2 yr old refuses to take her pocket money because she doesnt have a pocket in her dress!!

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