Friday, October 25, 2013

Finally in LOVE!!

"That bloody Vicky says I am over reacting. He is cheating on me and if I confront I am over reacting!!" I was fuming!!
"Nuts...its ok!!First stop crying...I cant see you crying. He wasnt worth you anyways! You deserve someone better..someone worthy of a girl like you!!" Bunny consoled me!
It all started a month back. Myself, Bunny, Champ, Tia all were chatiing in our college canteen and I saw Vicky. The stylish cool dude new in our college and on the first day itself he had girls hovering around him. We observed him from a distance. Me, Natasha the most sorted girl of our college could have never gone and initiated the conversation. I had a reputation of dumping guys within 2 months of a relationship. Not my fault...I just couldn't stand any of them longer than that!!
Vicky was in our class and it wasnt too long that we started seeing each other. Obviously I was on cloud nine as the most good.looking and cool guy of our college was now my boyfriend!
My friends did not bother much about my fling until I came crying to them. I hugged Bunny and was crying like a small baby in the middle of the restaurant.
Bunny, as his name suggest was a very golu polu lovable teddy bear like friend of mine from last 2 yrs in college. He picked me up from home, he lied to my parents when I was out with my boyfriends. He gave me all his class notes and proxied for me in classes. He was like a shadow for me. I made so much fun of him, bullied him and got irritated with his eating habbits..with his forgetfulness..and so many other things.  He was a punching bag for me when I was in distress.
That day also he consoled me in the restaurant and dropped me home that night. He called me 10 times that night to make sure I am Ok. Then as usual after a week or so I was over Vicky and became the same old carefree Nuts. It was funny to recall that I cried for that jerk!!
One day in our college canteen we were bullying Bunny for coming first in class and suddenly I remembered something
"Hey told me I deserve a better guy...Bata na kaha milega woh better guy??"
Everybody stopped teasing him and there was a silence!!
I asked "WHAT??"
Bunny suddenly walked away and he didnt listen to my apologies for teasing him. I found it weird!! I asked my other friends..what happened?? Nobody answered and they all looked disgusted with me!! I was all the more confused...what have I done?? We bully Bunny everyday and its not only me who does that. And if he ever disliked it, why didnt he tell us? I was like WHATEVER!!
Then after the college that day I asked Tia to drop me home as Bunny has gone home after that incident! I was not going to talk to anybody about that incidence as I never thought I was at fault! But Tia started!!
"Nuts do you even realize what you are doing with Bunny???"
"Bloody hell...I am not the only one who teases that Fatso...then why the hell are you guys blaming me?"I objected!!
Tia smiled in sarcasm and disclosed something I couldnt believe was true..."Bunny loves you!!"
I was sure she is out of her mind and she is just jealous of me. She doesn't like the way Bunny cares for me and so this TAMASHA!! But if she is not can he even think of it?
Myself and Bunny are so different. How the hell can he even imagine that I can be his girlfriend? Is he taking advantage of my friendship? He cant even run 1 km...he doesn't know to dance..He is so stupid and uncool! Have he seen himself in mirror? I actually thought he is such a big jerk and I would smash him for thinking he could match me!!
I came home and mom asked
"Bunny didn't come to drop you??"
I was so irritated that I went to my room and banged the door hard. I wanted to forget that Fatso and so I switched off my phone and started to Facebook!
I wasnt able to concentrate but I tried to checkout something or the other. Then I chanced upon a video. It was for some LIFE INSURRANCE.

"Dil k poore bache hai,Par bande ache hai…Par bande ache hai,
Bhool Bhaal jaate hain,thode kache hain….Par Bande ache hain..
Par bande ache hain 

Inki aadton ki,Hazaar kisse hain..Par bande ache hain,
Change vange hote nahin,Par man k sachhe hain,Par bande achee hain"

At the end of that commercial I was in tears. I couldn't understand what was happening to me?? What was making me cry? Isint Bunny wrong?? I mean just look at me and look at him. People will laugh if anybody sees us together!! I was too confused and I couldnt get interms with my thoughts. So I decided to go out and be with Mom-Dad. 
"Hi Mom I am sorry...I was upset with my college work so didnt want to speak to anybody that time!!"I explained
Mom just smiled and regained her conversation with Dad. They kept laughing on some silly thing and I was just watching them!!
Dad went to sleep and Mom saw me in deep thoughts
"Kya hua?? Kaha khoi ho?" Mom asked
" Ma love Papa na...He is so good and such a cool guy..right?? You both are so compatible and look so good together!!Right??" The innocent adolescent girl in me inquired!!
Mom laughed and when she laughs,I KNOW IT ALL expression makes me uncomfortable!!
But she didnt intrude much and explained 
"I love your Dad not because he is good looking or cool..Not because he wore stylish clothes and danced well!! Baby when you are together..your physicality is the last thing which makes your relationship beautiful. You cannot be happy  with a Mr World who doesnt love you...doesnt care for you..with whom you cannot strike a conversation. .you cannot laugh...for whom you are a trophy girlfriend! But you can be forever happy with a simple man who treats you like a queen..who can guage your sadness with your smile..who keeps you before his ego and who cares for you even when you are angry on each other. Trophy boy friends are good for two months but forever wala pyaar happens only with soulmates!!  Soulmates are also not always may hate some things in may not stand them may find 1000 reasons to hate them..but if there is LOVE .. you can live for that one big reason and choose to ignore the petty things for that love...its all worth it!! " Mom concluded!!
That very moment I have grown up from a girl to a women. The cool. Good looking. hip and flashy me has become the real Nuts I am!!
Every gesture of Bunny from last two years was playing in flashback in my mind. The last 2 yrs he has been with me through thick and thin. The fights he had for me, the warnings he gave my looser ex-boyfriends for making me cry. The amount of efforts he put in for making me study and clear my exams. Handling my tantrums when he comes late even for a genuine reason. How he gets sad when I am sad. How I have been always his priority in life. How he used to get very protective about me when I was with my other friends. 
And then I saw the other side of the story. My part of the story. How I ran to him whenever I am sad or happy. How his approval was a must for me in every small decision of my life. I never felt confident unless he was with me. I always wanted him to see me when I am dressed up for knowing whether I look beautiful or not. How after soo much of bullying also he never showed any anger to me. He saw me going with other guys and sometimes even helping me in my stupid gimmicks. How I got all possesive when he helped some random girl in class. How my parents liked and confided in him so much. How I cannot get in terms with others for 2 months and we are best friends from last 2 years. Is thiss,,,,,

I couldnt hold my tears. And I called him immediately.
He sounded very tired and sleey (must have cried the whole night) but he still picked up my call!
"Can we meet??" I asked
"Its 2 am Nuts...we will meet tomorrow in college if I am well!" He spoke uninterested
"Bunny do you love me?" I asked
"Shit...who told you? Nuts listen thats entirely my problem and you dont need to stress out for that!!"
"Just tell you love me??"
" Yes ..I..I do!!"
" Bloody Fatso...mujhe nahi bata sakta tha??"
" Arey dont freak out... I will never stop being friends with you...I am sorry. .but I couldn't help it!!"
" But I am not sorry... I love you!!"
He did not fathom.what I just said...he Continued his blah blah blah..
Then finally...I shouted on phone "I LOVE YOU!!"
He told me to wait for him...and I waited!!
I was very happy in heart. Something had changed in that very moment. I have discovered my love of life.  Love which was there with me from so long, Love as pure as the white platinium which never fades or tarnish. But still I felt as if I am discovering him for the first time. 
His call interrupted my thoughts and he asked me to come down in our garden. I was nervous, excited, happy, vulnerable all at the same time. I had never felt anything close to that ever. And finally when we met, we were at peace. 
He kneeled down and asked me for a hand. And to my surprise at 4 am in the night, he had actually brought a platinium love band for me. I donno from how long he has been carrying this for me.
He slipped the love band in my ring finger and my eyes shone as bright as that ring. 
Its 5 years and we still celebrate that day at 4 am as the PLATINIUM DAY OF OUR LOVE for celebrating the pure and divine love we both encountered on that day.

This blog is intended to participate in the PLATINIUM DAY OF OUR LOVE contest on This is a fiction story and has no resemblance to any real person or event. 


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