Monday, October 28, 2013

Parenting help from Ayurved

"Rub hing on his stomach, all the gas would come out of his stomach and instantly he will stop crying" Amma declared
I was in deep thoughts and was wondering, how rubbing hing(Asafoetida
) on skin of the stomach release the gas from my angel's stomach, meanwhile I get another dose
"Its best to give him some gripe water. Gripe water  is the best way of treating gas!" another Aunt insisted
"Nothing works better than Colic Aid, just give 1 ml of colic aid and he will sleep through the night!" my best friend revolted
"What kind of mother she is? Doesn’t she know Colic aid is very harmful for kids? Tell her to keep her suggestions with herself. She is worried about her full night sleep not about her baby's health!" Another friend of mine judged!
After so much of fuss, I finally surfed the net for getting answers to my trivial questions about parenting. But adding to my frustration, there was so much data, so many different views, so many different pros and cons of each suggestions that I felt overwhelmed and the seemingly petty issue of stomach ache for my baby seemed like a huge calamity to me. I haven’t heard of so many controversial views even for Lady Gaga's outfit like I discovered while surfing for a Baby Gas problem that day!
That day I decided to use my maternal instincts and use common sense when it comes to my babies growth.At every stage I weighed the pros and cons of using some traditional and some contemporary ways and finally decided on things.
Being a follower of ayurved since childhood, I already had an inclination towards using homemade-traditional methods of healing for everyday issues of children.Nature gives us so many brilliant herbs to treat every illness of human race. It might work fast for some and slow for the others but it works. Especially for children where the immunity levels are very low, traditional methods works brilliantly.
My own experience for the gastric problem of my little 3 month old baby made me realize alot about parenting.
As a working mother, my first solution to the whole night crying was the Colic Aid and it worked wonders for me. As soon as I gave her the magic drops, she would sleep through the night and so would I.This went on for 4-5 days and then I realized, I am actually giving her something synthetic everyday! She was getting addicted to it, she would sleep only with the medicine now. And when I stopped giving her one night, she cried all night again.
So I had to rule out something she can get addicted and something which would have long term implications. Then I treated her with traditional ways of giving Ajwain water and sauf water regularly and things improved.
Then I was introduced with Dabur Lal tel by a friend. She has a very healthy cute looking baby who seemed very happy all the time. I was curious to know what is the secret of her happy and glowing baby. Then she told me about this magical ayurvedic oil which not only increased her babies diet but also helped her learn to walk faster.
I used to massage my angel everyday with the normal coconut oil and it was fine. But when I used Dabur Lal Tel, she started showing drastic improvements. The oil helped in a glowing skin for her, increased her muscle weight. She started getting hungry after the traditional massage and inturn started having healthy routine. Her eating times and poo times got disciplined. She started playing more and crying less. The cranky baby of mine started taking interest in things around her. She tried to reach toys hung on the Baby mobile, she started to slide on her stomach. She wanted to talk more, interact more with me. In one week  there were alot of positives I can make out.
And moreover, the massage time was the bonding time for Mamma and daughter. We both loved to baby talk while getting massaged and the caring touch of hot oil used to  soothe her to sleep at the end. It was therapeutic for me as well.
This is how I became a fan of the magical Dabur Lal Tail

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