Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! (15th Oct 2013)

Khushi is learning a lot of things at a very very fast pace in school and outside school. Guess this age is very absorbing and this generation is also very inquisitive. The other day she was singing a rhyme

Khushi : (singing) In the mirror, what do I see?
          In the mirror, what do I see?
                          Someone is special!!
(Mummy finds it very amusing and wants to know what does she see in the mirror? And whats that special thing she is talking about?)
Khushi : (unaware of my amusement) THAT IS ME!!

Mummy super excited and happy to know that at this age, the first lessons they are getting is to TREAT THEMSELF SPECIAL!! Isint this the very thing missing in all of us. How we forget that we are unique and nobody else can be like us!
We forget to treat ourself special. We are best daughter/son, husband/wife, mother/father but never BEST OURSELF!! I am sure all of us are special in our own ways, just that we wait for others to tell this to us. CANT we just watch ourselves in the mirror and say "I AM SPECIAL!!"
Kudos to the education system where children are taught the basic keys to happiness. And I am loving the learning process myself!!

For those whom I am making sense the simple JR KG ryhme goes this ways...
                                                                        I’m Me

In the mirror, what do I see? 
Someone is special, that is me! 
My eyes, my ears, 
My lips, my nose. 
No one’s looks are just like those! 
All my favourite things to do 
Are not all the same for you. 
What I like to eat and drink, 
What I like to say and think. 
How I laugh, how I talk, 
How I run, how I walk. 
In the mirror, what do I see?
Someone is special, that is me! 

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