Monday, October 28, 2013

Smart Suraksha tips for Bangalore

Ten smart suraksha tips for Bangalore in the order of their prefrence are as follows:
1. Download SMART SURAKSHA application on your smart phone and make sure you add the 5 contacts in the list carefully. Those contacts must be able to help you in the hour of need. For example, add a family member who knows where you have gone, add a friend from office/college who know when you have left your workplace, add your best friend who doesnt mind running to help you at 4 am, add somebody influential or somebody in police/politics so that if required they can get police help immediately.And last but not the least, add your Dad/Moms number because they will not leave any stone unturned in reaching you!

2. Do not let anybody kid/child/adult/male/female/handicap ,,anybody enter your house without knowing them well. If you are in a gated community, let the security guard call you and be with you while dealing with any stranger. You can trust noone as once they are inside the house, nobody would bother to know whats going inside the house
3. Please learn Kannada language, which is Bangalore's local language. If you know the language you are in good position to communicate with anybody on the road and hence inform incase of any emergency
4. Do not trust any private vehicles for lift. Both in day time or night, if you need to go somewhere do not sit in a private/company vehicle, private buses, private taxis etc as there is no accountability for such drivers and vehicles
5. When late from office, especially when you need to take the Outer Ring road, inner ring road, Hebbal flyover and those empty patches please accompany with a colleague or security guard. Its always preferred to take your own company transport compared to your own vehicle after 10 pm
6. Carry a pepper spray at all times in your purse and car. A portable knife is also a good idea incase you are stuck in emergency situations. And avoid travelling in auto rickshaws after 10 pm. The auto rickshaw fellows in Bangalore have a huge ganging with the goons and they are their best informers
7. Never go in parking lots alone after dark and never check your car/bonnet/lights when you are all alone in the parking lot. Lock the car as soon as you get inside the car.
8. If somebody seeks help from you at night and you are all alone, never stop the car. Make sure you go straight to the nearest police station and send help for them instead. Infact if somebody tries to blame you for some accidents or tries to stop you in the running car, they are definitely goons trying to get hold of you. Never stop the car even if they break your window glasses, just drive away straight to police station
9. Never try to fight and argue with local looking goons in Bangalore. There were cases in which local goons try to purposely intice you for fight and then the whole gang appears from nowhere and creates a scene out of nowhere! Beware of such gangs, simple get into the car and drive away at that point of time, later you can take some help and sort things out
10. Last but not the least, trust your instincts. If you feel that something is fishy and you are uncomfortable with someone, dont take chances. Just get out of the car/cab/bus and take some other way of transport. Its better to be safe than sorry

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  1. Some good tips you have mentioned in your post. All the best for the competition :)