Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! (6th August 2013)

Khushi was watching TV in my room and eating her food. After finishing her food I informed her that she has to keep the plate in the sink and come.She reluctantly got up and held the plate in her palms, something like shown in the picture below.

Scared that she would drop the plate if the balance goes off, I told her

Mummy : Khushi,,, please hold the plate properly from the edges and not on your palm. If the balance of your plate goes off, it will fall.
Khushi : Why Mumma? It will not fall!! I will take care
Mummy : Khushi, you have to hold the plate from sides,,like this!!
Khushi : No Mumma, I am holding the plates as the MasterChefs do!! Isint this the way, they hold their plates? I want to be a Masterchef so I have to learn their things.

I was astonished to see the body language and the style with which she had held her plate. Talking about being a Master Chef and following the cookery show is a different thing and adapting their mannerism just by looking at them is altogether different ball game.

This shows how every gesture of ours, influences our kids innocent minds. Beware of your mannerisms and gestures infront of your kids, they are watching and learning from you.


  1. So true Dipti! Experiencing the same this side too..

    1. Anju,, kids are just getting smarter every day!!

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