Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Life is a long holiday!! This time the venue is Singapore!!

For most of the people the four topmost things which give them happiness would be Food, Friends, Family and Travel. Imagine if you can combine all these things? Wow, what a deadly combo it would make!! It would be like exploring the world, taking my world with me!!

So, when I was asked "If you could take your family or friends to any place on the planet, where would that be and how would you make your trip the happiest one ever?". I started thinking of options. I started weaving a beautiful dream which would make me the happiest. I thought of Paris, the capital of romance. I thought of New York, the Big Apple. Sydney,  the place which always excites me. The list seemed unending, there are so many places I want to see and so many places I have already seen.

Out of all the places I have already seen, for a family- friends holiday, I would choose Singapore. Yes, not an exotic or out of the world place, but it’s just perfect for a jolly holiday with my loved ones. Where I don’t need to carry vegetarian food or warm clothes. Or need to learn a language to communicate or punch a big fat hole in my pocket to explore it completely. So SINGAPORE it is.

In Today's world, with Yatra.com to our rescue, we do not need  to be scared about the planning of the trip. The tickets, the accommodation, the visa and even the sightseeing is taken care. They not only help you in planning your trip, but their enthusiastic associates give you the most precious tips to make your holiday perfect at that particular destinations.

What do you want from your holiday? Festive atmosphere, thrilling adventure, awesome food, colourful culture, beautiful beaches, fun theme parks for the kids, animal safaris or sports! Singapore has all that! Singapore is the haven for tourists from all over the world. It hosts almost all the tourist activities for all age groups.

So I would take my family and close friends with me for this trip. And that would include people from the age of 1 yr to 75 yrs. Some of them are nature and wildlife lovers, some adventure lovers, some kids crazy for water parks, some foodies, some shopaholics, some gamblers and some ready for starting a big fat book to be read in the calm lounge of a resort.

So our journey would begin at the beautiful Changi Airport in Singapore. After all the research, the apt place for accommodation seems to be the Marina Bay Sand Resort. One of the most spectacular resorts of the world. It boasts of an infinity pool on the top of 57 floors, casino, number of restaurants, shopping arenas, theatres, museums and everything you can think of under three roofs(Bad joke, but that’s how it is. The three skyscrapers hosting a tray like structure).

Comfortable rooms, good food and a free mind is enough to enjoy any vacation, but since I want to make it the best. I plan for a lot of fun activities for all. The usual late night sessions of card games, antakshari and word games would always be there when the gang is together, but that is more impromptu so that doesn’t need to be planned. The planning part would be something like this...

First I will cater to the most enthusiastic lot, the kids, the adventure lovers and the theme park lovers!
Sentosa is an island resort with a man- made beach, Fort Siloso, golf courses, hotels and the fabulous theme park Universal Studios. There is a huge  Merlion which is the imitation of the original one, there is Marina Life Park with the world's largest oceanarium. The Dolphin show in the Dolphin lagoon is a sheer treat for the kids as well as adults. The Butterfly park, the Nature Discovery are ways to bringing your children close to nature. It is thrilling to experience skyline luge and cable cars. You can see the whole Singapore skyline from the Tiger Sky tower in Sentosa. If you are a water person, Palawan beach, Siloso Beach and others are a must visit. My best memories of Singapore includes the hour long laser show in Sentosa. It was the first time I was watching a laser show and believe me, in 5 years, more than 7 countries I have visited in this period. But I have not seen any laser show which even comes close to this one.

Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, River Safari, Marine Life Park is the perfect way to introduce the kids with nature and wildlife. Night safari especially is very exciting and an unusual way of experiencing the woods.

Now time for the Foodies and the shopaholics!!
Singapore boasts of a cosmopolitan crowd and with that comes a variety of cultures. You should visit the place to experience the Indian-ness in Little India. They have Mustafa market full of Indian/Asian people pushing and pulling each other on one hand and on the other hand, people breaking traffic rules without any fear in those few lanes of Little India.

Similar vibes you get when you enter China Town. The marvellous red Chinese lamps, the bright and exquisite hand crafted runners, the China made electronic toys, the Fensui Bamboo shoots and everything that China is known for would be available there.

Apart from Little India and China Town, there are various other shopping malls for electronics, toys, garments, etc like Sim Lim Square, Central, ION Orchard, Junction 8 etc.  All the shopping malls are based in and around The Singapore Flyer.

Now let’s get a little mushy. Singapore has a romantic side to it too!!

My personal favourite in Singapore is The Clarke Quay. There is a small lake/quay in the centre of the city, around which you will find a lot of small cosy restaurants serving all types of cuisines. They are very beautifully decorated and makes up for the most romantic locations to dine. Soft music playing in the background, beautifully lit tables with candles placed overlooking the quay. In the quay, they operate boats for enjoying the lovely serene waters and in the night those boat rides become a luring location for dinner dates. Just sitting next to the quay on the steps would make you forget all the worries in the world. You have to experience it to feel it.

For the groovy youngsters, I plan for a fun night out in and around Orchard street.
Orchard street is the most happening street of Singapore. It’s almost like the Times Square of Singapore. The atmosphere on this street on Chinese New Year, Christmas and New year’s eve cannot be recreated even after spending crores of rupees. I don’t know if I am going to ever experience anything of that scale ever. Approximately two lakh people on the street, everybody in festive mood. Lot of stage shows happening at every nook and corner. Strangers greeting each other, girls and boys all grooving merrily. Everything is just mind blowing and you still feel  so secure. Nobody is pushing, pulling, touching each other.
The open sports bars in the perpendicular lanes of Orchard street are full of soccer enthusiasts hooting for their teams. It is almost like a chai tapri on the roads in India where people have their eyes glued to watch Sachin’s century. Of course with a little up class seating arrangement J.

People swear by the Singaporean delicacy SATAY with peanut sauce which you get best in the by lanes of Changi street. Mind you, it is not for vegetarians though L. For vegetarians The ANNAPURNA restaurant serving free satvik food for all is the best choice. You really get mesmerized by the ambiance and with the love with which the families serve the food to every visitor.  Of course free doesn’t mean you don’t tip them., its just that they don’t give you the bill.

Marina Bay Sands has many choices of pubs, discos and bars. The newly found casino culture of Singapore is attracting alot of tourists from all over the world, who love to gamble in Singapore.
The cosmopolitan culture, the vibrant nightlife, the ever enthusiastic people and the vibes of the city makes it my best holiday destination. Wish one day I can live this dream of mine. It’s never  the place,  but the company which  makes all the difference. And when the company and the place both are just right, everything is different!

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  1. hi..thanks for sharing..this week end i am planning a trip to br hills resort and also near by place k gudi resort...