Thursday, June 6, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! (7th June 2013)

Khushi as all the kids of her generation are very gizmo friendly. She uses all the latest gadgets with natural ease. Yesterday she was typing Alphabets randomly on some Note application on IPAD.
Papa          : What are you doing?
Khushi       : I am doing my ALPHABET writing practise!
Papa          : This is not writing practise, you should use a pencil and paper for writing practise and not IPAD!
Khushi       : Papa, this is writing practise. My Mam has told me to do writing practise.(And my quick thinker dolly added the EXTRA INFO) She has told us that whoever has IPADs should do the writing practise on IPAD and whoever doesnt have IPAD can do it with pen and a paper. Since we have IPAD I thought I will better use it and do my writing practise on IPAD.
Another dose for the DAD yesterday :)

Food For thought:
I have completely stopped using pen and paper. Reminders, lists, to-dos, birthday's, milkman's account, maid's account, driver's account, grocery list, shopping list, resolutions, even my emotions (blog) I have everything digital. I dont even know when last I used pen and paper actually for writing as such! BUT BUT BUT,, I atleast know how to write.
Imagine if today's generation has no gadgets around, how the hell are they going to communicate? No friends without Facebook, no mathematics without calculators, no talking without mobile phones and last but not the least NO ALPHABETS without IPAD!!
Loved this pic :)


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    1. Where are u these days? Which co? Which city? Congrats on the publishing of your story! :)

  2. true words Dipti .. I dont remember when I last used as well.. I doodle that too is digital :) changing times ... and sweet is your kiddo practicing alphabets on IPAD hhehehe cute
    Bichare Dad Ji !!

    1. mysay Dad ji bechare nahi,,proud Dad hai :).. he loves spoiling kids and wants me to do the hard work and become the "villainess" in their life