Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!!(5th June 2013)

Khushi is a big fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse from the age of 1. And we also find this cartoon harmless and very educative compared to Doraemon (Nobita is a very bad example as he is a very lazy, complaining and greedy child who always depends on a Robot(Doraemon ) for doing all his work and to get out of every problem in his life instead of fighting it out on his own), Chota Bheem(better one but at times too many demons and black magic shown), Tom and Jerry(All the time hitting and beating each other) etc.
So we record the MMC episodes everyday and keep for Khushi to see it with us as her TV time in the evening. One day we were generally talking about Mickey Mouse and discussing about the characters.Khushi is scared of actually meeting the cartoon characters in person, so I was explaining her what actually they are.
Mummy: Khushi, All the cartoon characters are human beings dressed up as the characters. Some uncle/aunty is dressed up as Mickey Mouse. Mickey mouse is just an imagination, they dont really exist!
Khushi: Mom the ones you find here are uncle an
d aunties dressed up as MM, but Mummy Mickey mouse stays in Disney Land  and there you can see the REAL Mickey mouse.
Mummy: No Khushi, there is no species called Mickey mouse, they are all imaginary. Like Chota Bheem, Dora,, all these are imaginary.
Papa: Yes Khushi, Mickey Mouse is a MONKEY who is personified!!
Khushi: Is it Mumma? Is MM a MONKEY?
(I got confused,,, Mickey Mouse is a MONKEY?? After I recollected my senses, I started LOL and whispered in Papa's ears)
Mummy: BTW Papa, Mickey Mouse is a MOUSE and not a MONKEY! :P

This proves, Even adults learn a lot with Kids and cartoons!! So all you Dads out there, improve your GK regarding cartoons and animals :)

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