Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Khushi's dose of the day!! End of world

The current theme for the month in Khushi's school is "PROTECT OUR PLANET". In this theme, they are taught a lot about planting trees, recycling, rain water harvesting and other useful concepts. Along with that, they are also told how deforestation, pollution etc are causing global warming.
Being a very imaginative child, Khushi has started imagining the possibilities of global warming etc.

Khushi : (All of a sudden comes and cuddles) Mommy, I feel very scared!!
Mommy : (Surprised) What happened beta?
Khushi : Mummy, you know there is a hole in the ozone layer near Antartica and soon the whole water is going to spill over all the land on earth.
We are all going to drown in water and die!! I dont want to die!!
Mommy : (How do I tackle this question??) Khushi, we are not going to die! Dont worry! Nothing is gonna happen. These are all theories. You need to take care of earth, dont waste water, dont pollute atmosphere and everything is gonna be fine. Dont worry darling. Kuch nahi hoga!! And Mummy, Daddy are with you. So why are you scared?
Khushi : Ok Mommy! ( Not very convinced with the answer though)
Khushi : Mummy, I am going to hire a scientist. And ask them to make magnetic shoes for me
Mommy : Magnetic shoes? For what?
Khushi : Mommy magnetic shoes will save us from earthquakes. And I will also ask the scientist to make rocket ship for us.
Mommy : Now why this rocket ship and what will the rocket ship do?
Khushi : Mummaa,, rocket ship will take us to Mars/Moon when the flood comes. When the world is going to end, we can use it to save ourself. We will come back once the water goes down
Mommy : Yes beta, why not!

I donno whether to be happy about the brilliant imagination she has or to be worried about the extrapolation she makes about things.I wonder if she has seen "2012 End of world" movie or its her own imagination about a rocket ship to save people when the water spills on the whole earth! If I would have not seen that movie, I would have never thought that we can have such options during a total disaster. Kids these days have so much exposure and so much brains to imagine such novel things. Hats off to the new generation

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