Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Khushi's dose of the day!! Secret shop of Mommy

Khushi  :  I want to buy a lot of toys!!
Papa     : You do one thing! You open a shop, as you mentioned last time. Then you can earn money and buy as much toys as you want!
Khushi   : No! Why do I need to open another shop? Mumma has already opened a shop.
Papa and Mummy : Which one? When ? Who opened?
Khushi   : Areeyy,, Mummy has already opened a shop for selling baby items na. You remember last week Mummy sold all the baby items
 We laughed our lungs out. Actually, my kids have outgrown many of the baby items like pram, bottle sterilizer, bath seats, walkers etc. So to de-clutter my house, I tried selling them at OLX/QUIKR. And for that I had taken some pictures of it and in the process had to explain as to why I am taking pictures.
So the concept of selling something was associated with opening a shop and hence the brand new dose. 

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