Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Khushi's dose of the day!! As strong as a cow!

Khushi and Avani were watching their favorite Mickey Mouse clubhouse during their dinner time. The scene showed Clarabelle the cow holding Mickey’s car with one hand while the elephant filled air in the flattened tyre. My maternal instincts immediately itch to associate drinking milk to gaining strength and I interrupt

Mummy  : Khushi, See how strong the COW is. She can pull up the car with one hand! If you also want to become strong, you should drink more milk
Khushi    : Really?
Mummy  : YES!
Khushi    : WOW!! But Mummy, how is it that the COW drinks milk and gives milk?
Mummy  : Errrrrr, it doesn’t drink milk, it gives milk. It eats grass!
Khushi    : (smirking) Mummy, then why to drink milk?
I agree, I behaved like a typical MOM who can give any stupid explanation to her kids for having healthy food or drink milk. But then aren’t they suppose to accept whatever we say? We too accepted the same stories from our parents without any questions.
Next time, when you repeat the good ole tales infront of your kids, think logically if you make sense. Else you will also be embarrassed like me, infront of your tiny tots.

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