Monday, June 2, 2014

Avani's first day to play school

2 months of splendid vacation time with hubby and kids has come to an end. Today is a day of mixed feelings for me.
Firstly, our little princess Avani, started her pre-school today. She was super excited to wear her school t-shirt, hang her school bag and show off her ID CARD. Everyone from our house, me, hubby, Khushi went to drop her to the montessari school. She went hand in hand with her society friend Anika who is also going to be in the same class Magnolia. Like all the other parents, I was also a little anxious and nervous about my little doll, but was very relieved when she came smiling outside. She seemed to have a great time playing in her school and as of now, she doesnt seem to be unhappy going to school. Hope this remains.
As a mother, my thoughts were,,,...She has grown so big already and it feels like tomorrow when we brought her home, she weighed 2 kgs then :P. She is starting a new life today, today will mark the beginning of her formal education and will make her the person she is going to be for all her life. We as proud parents, will watch her grow everyday and hoepfully will be able to give her the best of everything that she deserves. Change is the only constant in life, but whatever changes, your talent and education stays with you forever. If I am able to give her a wholesome education which involves formal education, ethics, culture, honesty, innovation, creativity, real meaning of happiness and empathy, then I would feel I have done my part well.
Also there is a great inspiration and influence for Avani at home in the form of her elder sister, Khushi. A very sensitive, caring and loving child. She has been like her best friend for her in the last 2 years. They have grown, laughed and fought together. Having the company of each other, they hardly missed anybody else in their life. Now, Avani is going to be introduced to new friends, new people in school. Her horizons are going to expand. My caterpillar is going to get wings soon and I pray that the butterfly which comes out is more colourful, more adorable than the prior. God bless her always!!

Secondly, I have joined back work after a break of one month. It was the best time I have spent at home after almost 8 years of work life. Visiting few of the most beautiful places of the world. Travelling like a pro. Then just being at home with kids.Spending maximum quality time with kids. Best time not only for them, but for me as well. No todo list, no schedules, no meetings, no running behind the clock, catching up with so many close buddies, doing creative things with the kids, cooking, taking kids out for movies, for theater, for activity centers, chatting with frds for long, decluttering house, cleaning up, finishing the long pending personal agendas, and so many more things!! Ofcourse, the list is not even close to finishing, but its still a good feeling to do so many pending things which never comes on the priority list owing to your other committments at work.
And now after one month, I am rejuvenated. I want to go back to work. I want to get back to routine. I want to work better. I want to get out in that corporate world and use my talent. Breaks, always motivate you to push yourself a little more and to achieve new heights in life. I think I am feeling just that. I have kids running at the back of my mind, but at the same time, I am loving the feeling of getting back to work.
Hope the enthusiasm stays and kids also adjust themselves to me not being at home all the time. #LifeGoesOn

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