Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lotus flowers with Pistachio shells

Easy steps to make use of all the pistachio shells you have collected all these days
1. Clean pistachio shells and color them with bright colors. Let them dry. Color one shell at a time for a neat work.
2. Take an old CD/DVD and stick some play dough on it with fevicol.
3. Start placing colored pistachio shells on playdough in concentric circles. Start from the center of the CD. Apply fevicol in every shell and give the shape of a flower.
4. Once the whole CD is covered by petals made by shells, let the fevicol dry for 10 minutes
5. Take golden color or any lighter color to shade the petals. Take dry brush, dip in gold color and stroke it on the top edges for shading effect.
6. Lotus flowers are ready. You can float it in water or use it as decorative pieces in any fancy packing.

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