Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My little first gift

When you come across somethings in life,it brings back a huge tsunami of old memories. Its been more than 5 years that I have shopped for these booties, but even today when I see them I relive that moment. This was my first purchase for my unborn baby. My first motherhood experience.
I had stopped myself of buying anything from the wonderful world of baby items for three long months. Its considered to be a taboo to buy anything for the baby before you complete three months of pregnancy. So everytime I went shopping I would just want to buy everything and not buy anything for those three months.
And the day I completed 3 months, we went shopping. The moment I enterer MOTHERCARE, I realised why it is called so. But since I had to refrain to only one baby item, I wanted something special.
The moment I saw these booties, I thought of the little feet, pink and soft which are going to be stepping in my life soon. I felt the little hands which are going to be holding my hands forever. I couldn't have got a better thing as my FIRST gift to the would be mother.
And in all these beautiful memories, I suddenly remembered that it has been more than 5 years that I have bought these. I plan to frame them and keep the moment alive forever! I know when my kids grow up, they will find this insane. A scrapbook full of their FIRSTS,their favorite toys, their hand prints and footprints, their ANNAPRASHAN dresses, their videos and so many other things which would have been easily demarcated as junk if it wasn't for my memories.
Loving the free time I am getting to stop and recollect the old memories and build a few more!!

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