Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Khushi's dose of the day!! Entrepreneurial instincts!

It’s very interesting to be part of the process of growing up of your children. It amuses me to see how their perception, their understanding, their ability to think and analyze, changes from age to age. I am not too much in favor of introducing money and economics to the kids at an early age; So against pocket money for children before the age of 10 years. But things have changed; Kids have become too demanding and greedy for their age. The more they are exposed to new things, the lesser they have started appreciating things they get. So in the process of learning the art of parenthood, I started introducing Khushi with the concept of paying money to buy anything from the shop. It’s an experiment to introduce her to the fact that THERE ARE NO FREE LUNCHES. 
One fine evening, sitting on her Papa's lap, she conversed
Khushi        : Papa, when we go to Disneyland, I want to buy Cinderella bottle, Mickey mouse       
                      compass box, Mermaid hat and Dumbo T-shirt.
Papa           : You cannot get so many gifts, you need to choose any one thing and I will buy that 
                       for you
Khushi        : Why Papa? I want them all
Papa           : No, don’t be greedy. We will buy one gift for everyone in the family
Khushi         : Papa, you do one thing.
Papa           : What?
Khushi        : You open one shop. Then we will get a lot of money. We will sell things and 
                      become RICH!
Papa, Mummy shocked!! RICH? SHOP? I am not sure if the BANIYA BLOOD in her has to do anything with her concepts about shop and money. But I am sure that she thinks that we don’t buy her everything she demands, because we cannot afford it.
I would have laughed out the conversation and explained her that everything we can afford need not be bought for her. But I wanted to encourage her ENTREPRENEURIAL instincts and make her think more on her novel project of becoming rich, so I interrupted...
Mummy      : Wow, Khushi. That's a great idea!
Khushi        : (Shy and embarrased) YES!
Mummy       : But what will you sell?
Khushi        : We can sell all those things. Things we get in market!
Mummy      : Ok. And how do you think you will get those things? Don’t you think you need to buy 
                      them from someone else?
Khushi        : Ohh, is it? Then plan cancelled! All our money will be lost in buying it, so let’s not 
                      open a shop! We will think of some other idea. I am too small for opening a shop 
We couldn’t stop laughing at the small but brilliant theory of our 5 year old girl. I wish I had used so much brain in understanding the entrepreneurial blood in me. Then I would have not been confined to my 9-5 job.
Look at the current generation; They don’t need to be doctors and engineers to earn their livelihood. Exciting professions like Radio jockeys, Scuba divers, Activists, Volunteering teachers, Stylists, Image consultants, Freelancers, Bloggers, Writers and so many others were not even known to us. They live their lives on their own terms; They live a FREE LIFE in true sense!

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