Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Avani's dose of the day!! Complex yet simple!

Me and Avani were travelling in the car to Khushi's school for paying her fees. I thought of taking along Avani, to spend some time with her in the car. On our way to the school, Avani pointed out
Avani      : Mumma, A B C D!
Mummy  : Where is it?
Avani      : Peeche chala gaya!!
I thought she might have read it on some pre-school boards, so ignored it. Again she pointed
Avani      : Mummy, why is A B C D written everywhere? Saab jagaha A B C D kyun likha hai un logo ne?
Mummy  : Kaha hai?
Avani      : Woh dekho, waha board par
Then I realized, she is pointing to the usual name boards of buildings and shops where the shop names and other details were written. As adults, we forget that the names and words are made of basic blocks of A B C D. And what according to us are meaningful names, are from a 2 year olds perspective, mere A B C D. Simple things in life are always overseen by our adult/complex minds.
Life is so simple and beautiful from a child's perspective indeed!

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