Friday, December 13, 2013

Summary of the year

Its time yet again to introspect the past and resolve for the future,
The Baniya blood in me is ready for the hisaab kitaab for the year!
Year full of goodwill and enthusiasm,
And at the same time no significant changes and improvements
Some genuine criticism which helped me evolve,
And some fake appreciation which left me untouched
Some new friendships which became closer than expected,
Some close friendships which were thrashed in egos and jealosies
The moments of glory like never before which humbled me
And the failures which compelled me to do better
That one strong relationship of love where there is no pretence and doubts, it keeps growing richer like the old wine every year   And you realise with every passing year, what you have is so perfect and exceptional
Some overwhelming days when you are lost in discovering the reason of your being
And days when you know you are a blessed soul in every respect
A week long birthday celebration with 7 chocolate cakes to pamper me
And some celebrations which had to wait for a week to be celebrated to its glory
Long awaited visit to the roots and the land of infinite memories
And some travels to the untravelled path and unseen beauty
Some moments when you question your identity amidst other roles in life
And others when identities doesnt matter at all
The pleasure of watching your creation getting more beautiful each day
And the awareness of the subconscious mind where you know "BABIES DONT REMAIN!!"
The year full of new found commitments and people
Some there to stay and some to teach you life a bit better
The year of self improvement and self realisation
When you strive hard to pull out time for yourself and your needs
Some bright mornings when health and happiness prevails
And other gloomy days when nothing seems to be going your way
Worklife with highs and lows as usual
And a stronger determination to make it work despite all odds
Some complicated relationships around which leaves you disturbed
And on the other hand some wonderful simple bonds which make you believe love still exists
Overall a roller coaster ride of events with a very positive vibe at the end
Looking forward for yet another great year ahead with my wishlist already oozing to the edge!!


  1. Very beautifully summarized. I somehow landed here from Indiblogger.

    Nice blog..