Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tribute to bloggers on Teacher's day!!

I am relatively new to blogosohere and owing to my fulltime job, I am not as active as I would like to be.I m still very naive in the art. But I am super impressed with the ability of blogworld.
We know people who write are called WRITERS. But not everybody has the drive or tallent or resources to publish their work. Infact not everybody writes book. Some people write experiences, some feelings, some humour, some short stories, some travelogue and others poems. And most of us write everything above. So for me, blogs are the best way to vent out my feelings and thoughts. I can write whatever I feel on my blog, I may or may not have audiences for my every post. But every post is what I am, what I am feeling right now!
Many old friends, where was the writer in me earlier during school and college days?? I am sure, it was always there but our definition of writer wasnt the same then. We had a prestigious spot for the creative lot and could never dare to claim to be one then. But now, with blogging, we have a new category of writers. Writers who need not be long haired, big red bindi, kurta wearing serious looking breeds. Most of the times, they are that boy next door or that girl in amidst us whom we always thought is kinda mysterious in her behavior. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some blonde hair girls who want to be a rebel and voice their opinions. Others playing their second inning and fulfilling their longing to express themself to the world. We have the technology genius who have alot to share and at the same time shy from.the Its amazing to see brilliant photographers and brilliant ones who are dillegently proving the verse "One picture speaks thousand words".Crazy bloggers for whom writing is an addiction, they can write alot of blog on same topic to get those free vouchers in the blogging contests.
Parenting blogs.are a rave these days, some educating, some.informative, some act as an open forum for discussions and some.just the way you explore yourself as a parent.every day!  From the passion of automobile to fashion, bloggers discuss about everything. The most sort after and interesting blogs for me are either personal which talk their heart out or the humourous ones which never fail to bring a smile on your face with thier day to day subtle humour. Politics and political opinions also makes a wonderful topic to debate about.And we have a huge young population in India who are very opinionated but busy in their rat race. Blogs help them to be vocal among the like minded people and this satiates them to an extent. Cartoon strips are another genere of blogging which excites me alot, specially some of them.who can really convey a very important message in a very subtle way through their cartoons. Many more types of blogs, poems, self motivation, short stories,sports, music, travelogues, polls, debates, contests are booming everyday. Its like, you have an urge to read something and you can find a blog on it.
And how much people crave to write can be easily weighted by the popularity of sites like Indiblogger and Blogadda which share your blogs with other fellow bloggers. Every contest in these sites gets huge participation. Companies want to.promote their new products among the bloggers. They not only get huge audiences in the form of bloggers, they also inturn get so many more customers who are reading about them in the form of their blogs. Its a hit marketting strategy these days.

Bloggers are nomore annonyms people expressing and discussing their views. They have a face and name which they take pride in promoting. They have Blogger.meets and  Blogger awards. They are huge in terms of publicity and prizes. They boast of esteemed elite jury for their award selection. There is no shortage of glamour and intellect in these awards even though they are.virtual. And in those frequent, mutual admiration and sometimes even friendship flourishes.
Like any other matured industry, blogosphere is also a full fleged industry. May or may not in monetary terms for all, but definitely time to come everybody will would have a digital representation in the form.of blogs.
Today on Teacher's day, I pay a tribute to all my blogger buddies who have influenced me in more than one ways and kudos to each of them for leaving behind such awesome footprints of them in the form of your blogs. Happy Teacher's Day!!


  1. Excellent...This is the only word I can say about your writing skill. Thanks for rendering your innocent feelings and perception.

    1. Thank u Sanjay for your kind word. I really mean what I have written

  2. Well to Blogging myself, I find myself in awe of the opportunities and talent out here in the blogosphere :)

  3. That is a good tribute to your blogging teachers. :)