Friday, September 6, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!!(07 Sep 2013)

Khushi was as usual drawing in the evening when I came frim office yesterday. Avani was clinging to me and we were all seated in the living room. To entertain Avani I played a dance song on my mobile. Pretending to be distracted and not able to concentrate in her drawing, Khushi revolted
Khushi: Mummy, please stop the music. I am not able to concentrate in my drawing because of the noise
Mummy: Khushi you try and concentrate. I have to play the music for Avani
(After a little argument, I decided to move to my bedroom and let Khushi CONCENTRATE on her thing. But in the pigeonhole sized apartments in cities, the sound still reached the living room!
Irritated she screamed to stop the music, I didnt pay much heed! She comes to the room, dives into my cupboard and hands me over the new pair of headphone (still in the box) which I have won in a blogging contest)
Khushi: Mom, please use HEADPHONES if you want to listen Dont disturb others!!
1. Nobody uses headphones at my place, so how the hell she knows what is it used for? 2. Abhi yeh haal hai, bade hokar pata nahi kya kya distrubances honge baachon ko hamari wajaha se :p

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