Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!!(18th Sep 2013)

Usually its a herculean task every morning to wake Khushi up for school and get her ready on time. But this Monday was different. She woke up 15 minutes early without any intimation and finished all her activities in a very organized manner before time. Unlike the other days she was super excited to go to school and this was enough indication for me to guage something is cooking up.
Mummy: Khushi, Are u ok ?
Khushi : (with a sheepish smile)Nothing!!
Mummy: Acha...nothing?? Then why are you so excited about going to school today?
Khushi: Well... today...Today is our field trip!
Mummy: Wow..Field trip? But where are you going for field trip today?
Khushi: (naughty grin) ICE CREAM PARLOUR!!

This is the best example of positive motivation I have seen. Wish we adults also could have such motivation to go to work everyday. I m sure most of us drag ourself to work 90 % times. Alternatively  I wish we had such jobs where we were self motivated to go so enthusiastically everyday.
"Kabhi kisiko mukkamal jahan nahi milta
Kahin zameen nahi to kahin aasman nahi milta"


  1. My daughters too are super excited to go to school on outdoor activity days. :)

    1. Yes...anything out of the routine for kids is fun. But v adults r a difficult lot,isint it?