Friday, February 26, 2016

Avani's dose of the day!! Handsome prince to the rescue!

Avani: Mummy, I will tell you a story!
Mummy: Ok, tell me.
Avani: Once upon a time, long long ago. When no one was there( She means none of us). There lived a very very beautiful princess. She was very very very pretty, wearing a golden tiara and pink shiny gown. She was just like Snow-white and Cinderella. One day, she got very scared by a monkey monster. 
Mummy: Monkey monster?
Avani: Yes. Then a handsome prince came and rescued her. And then they lived happily there after. They had so much fun together! They had ice creams, they played blocks, they had chocolates, they went to park and had lots of fun.
Mummy: That's a wonderful story, but why does the beautiful princess need a prince to rescue her? She should be strong enough to rescue herself. You should not be dependent on anyone to help you all the time.
Avani: But that is what happens in Disney land. A handsome prince always rescues the princesses. You don't know anything Mummy!
Her cute narration of story brought a huge smile on my face and especially her idea of lived happily there after was so innocent and straight from the heart of a 4 year old. But I am quite disappointed by our story writers. What are we actually teaching our kids? Girls should always be beautiful and boys handsome? Girls are weak and guys need to rescue them from everything? Outer beauty defines you and you need all the materialistic things to look beautiful!

I want them to understand, outer beauty is not the parameter of beauty. You need to feel confident, have a beautiful heart, act kind and love yourself the way you are. Also, I want them to be independent, capable enough to deal with the world emotionally/financially/physically. #ChallengesOfParenting #ToughJobAhead


  1. Kids understand so much more than we think they do. Nice post. I do agree.. but there are some girl oriented movies by Pixar & Disney like Brave, Mulan etc. But you are right... most of the time the charming prince needs to make an entry!


    1. Yes Seena, there are others as well which set a good example. But the good ole princess stories are all full of fragile, beautiful princesses who needs a MAN to rescue them. Thats what they learn majority of the times.