Thursday, February 25, 2016

5 Corporate Mantras which work for me

You never realize your true potential unless you are in the right environment and around the right people. Success has different definitions for different people. But whatever is your parameter, there are a few things which act as a catalyst in reaching your goals. So here are my 5 corporate mantras which I feel has worked for me either immediately or in long run.

          1. Situational leadership -
For an organization, successful project delivery is part of your basic R &R.  What matters are the additional things you do! What have you done going out of the way for customer satisfaction? How have you added value to your team? How quickly you have adapted to new changes and motivated people around you to accept the same changes? If you see some process not correct, have you acted as a situational leader and tried to optimize it? You don’t need a designation or instruction for improving the things around you.  

         2. Voice your opinion -  
Blame it to our upbringing where we do not seek opinion of younger members of the family in important matters. We always consider it impolite to voice opinion in front of our elders.  

But in corporate world, everyone is doing their job. The hierarchy is more to distribute the work than to decide the maturity/intellect/caliber of a person. So never be afraid to voice your opinion if you feel you can add some value to the discussion. Good leaders always encourage fresh perspectives and value every opinion.

         3. Never stop  learning -
In a dynamic world like ours, there is no scope for being stagnant with your knowledge. Every time you feel, you are an expert in something, start learning a new thing. Learning not only gives you an edge, it also gives you new challenges to keep the fire and ambition within you burning. Set SMART goals. Without planning, we will never be able to achieve more than just the usual routine. And when Mark Zuckerberg can pull out time for learning new things, I think we can all do that with our busy schedules.

         4. Resources or Human beings?
I hate calling people as RESOURCES. They are people who have different temperament, cultures, issues and aspirations. So when you deal with people, it’s important to treat them with respect and empathy. Sometimes polite words can get humongous task done in minutes because when you show respect, the other person feel important and he will go out of the way to help you. People management is not about how many people you know or your status; it’s about knowing the strengths of the people around you and complimenting them to achieve bigger goals.

         5. Be a leader not a manager -
Every day we read quotes on the difference between a leader and a manager. I would say, management studies do not teach you how to be a leader. It is sometimes inborn, sometimes comes with experience and sometimes with intention. If you intend to lead, you will be an initiator and a strong driver. Managers sometimes just demote themselves to be reporters, rather than being leaders.  Leaders will delegate not only responsibility but also power. Leaders develop a self-organized team who may need guidance and direction from their manager occasionally. Whereas managers try to manage their resources not develop and groom them.

So what are your mantras? Looking forward to hear from you and learn something new from you today.

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