Thursday, October 1, 2015

Avani's dose of the day!! Statue game

Avani loves playing small games all the time. Most of the times, to get something done from her, we have to take the help of SIMON (SIMON from SIMON SAYS GAME). In the process of keeping her grounded at one place sometimes, I take the help of the game STATUE.
And she is smart enough to grasp the purpose of the same and use it against us at the most crucial times. Especially, when we start feeding her food she will put us on an infinite statue mode. So one such incident was as below

Avani: Mummy, statue!
Mummy: (Statue state, couldn't move or speak but tried to show my discontent by widening eyes)
Avani: Mummy, you moved!
Mummy: (Still a statue)
Avani: You moved your eyes, so you are out.
Mummy: Moving eyes is allowed. I am not out.
Avani: Mommy, have you ever seen a statue moving his eyes? Statues don't move their eyes, so you are OUT

Yes, I know I was weak on my logic. But then it was a game and she is just 3 years.

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