Thursday, October 1, 2015

Avani's dose of the day!! Project PET

Avani woke up in the middle of night and shifted from her baby cot to my bed stating that there is a CAT in her cot. I tried to pacify her. But she was quite insistent that there is a cat there and she snuggled with me in my bed.
As a usual parenting practice, I tried to discuss with her regarding last nights incident.

Mummy: Avani, Why were you scared last night? There was no cat on your cot.
Avani: Yes Mummy I dreamt that a cat is sitting on my cot and so I got scared
Mummy: That's Ok. But what is there to be scared of a cat? Cat is a pet animal, they don't harm you! Do you want to pet a cat?
Avani: No Mumma, I don't like cats. I will have a pet dog rather. A small, PINK dog
Mummy: PINK dog? But there are no pink dogs. And where will you keep him?
Avani: Oh, then we will get a PEACH color dog. If not, then white. And we will make a dog house and keep in the balcony!
Mummy: (Ok, this is getting serious. I need to bring her to the reality now!) Avani, If you are keeping a pet you have to take care of all its needs! Feeding, cleaning, susu-potty, bathing etc etc. I do not have the bandwidth to do all this! Would you be able to do all this?
Avani: Feeding? But we don't have dog food! What does a dog eat? And we just have a toy bone, we need a real bone for the dog.
Mummy: Ok, we will buy it from a dog shop.
Avani: Yes! Then we will need to buy a dog soap, dog food, dog toys, dog cleaner and all the other things. But (after some thought) where will we keep dog bathtub? Which are the toys, dogs play with?
Mummy: We do not have place to keep a bath tub.
Avani: Mummy, we will keep the bathtub in kids bathroom. You don't worry about it! So lets go to the pet shop and buy a dog now!
Mummy: (A little scared) OK!! The shop is closed now, we will do it over the weekend!  Will call the pet shop owner and check.

Mummy thought, it was a casual discussion. It would be over by evening. But as soon as I returned from office, I am welcomed with a question

Avani: Mummy, Did you check with the pet shop owner? Is it open now? Shall we go?
The project PET was completed till its requirement and design phase very meticulously. Now I am afraid about the implementation phase. I cannot afford another baby in my house! Any suggestions on "How I can scrap the project?"

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