Thursday, November 20, 2014

Khushi's dose of the day!! Innovations

Khushi: Mom I want to do a lot of innovations
Mummy:(Really? Does shr even know what is innovation?Or has she just picked up the word from my conversations? AMUSED. ..) What kind of innovations darling?
Khushi: Anything Mom!
Mummy: But give me one example of what you want to innovate?
Khushi:(After thinking hard...) What about a ROBOT?
Mummy: But that's not your innovation, its already implemented long back! So what is special about your Robot?
Khushi: Mom, my Robot will do all the house work and go out on my behalf. Like going to school, going to office, going to shopping etc. It will be just like me!
Mummy: Then darling you dont need a Robot, you need a clone!!

I am sure, these brilliant innovations are the outcome of Doraemon and Ninja Hattori cartoons, Khushi is so fond off! But at the age of 5, innovations n clones were unknown words in my dictionary.  Forget knowing their meanings!

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