Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How we express?

Why do some people write? Why some people run marathons? Why do we dance? What is the pleasure of getting that perfect shot for a photographer? What is the motivation for some people to follow adventure sports? Why do we paint? What are hobbies? What is that one thing that makes us happy when we are doing something we like? Or to put in other words. Why do we like something more than the other things?

We get similar happiness when we are with friends. Just that one old joke makes us laugh for hours with the people we are close to. Why getting high with life/alcohol/love makes us feel close to the divine? Small things also gives a lot of high in life. Just watching a bright yellow flower early in the morning on the way, getting a clear road while driving to work, listening to that favorite old song on radio unexpectedly or just a phone call from an old friend.

There is no major significance of these things in life. They don't make you rich, you rarely earn from your hobbies(rather they are usually expensive). Pulling out time from your hectic daily schedule and doing these extra curricular things takes alot of drive and sacrifices. Then what is the reason, most of us wait to go back to this world of our interest. In fact, why are we so interested in this dreamy world of ours? Why different people have different interests in life? And why some people leave their interests back and become so inert and passive?

According to me, our hobbies are our way of expression. Expression is a very basic characteristic of human nature. When we are small, we cry, howl, giggle, scream, shout and express. A child who has just learnt to speak, cannot get enough of telling his stories to his mom. And as we grow, from toddler to teenager, we express to our friends. We talk about everything with our friends and with play and talk we vent ourselves all the time. But as we become adults, we stop sharing ourselves with others. We become more wise and diplomatic with our expressions. The calculations of profit and loss, the weighted of repercussions and the good/bitter learning's of the world make us less and less expressive. The people who seem to be very talkative and friendly are mostly not expressive, they are more or less hiding behind the facade of a friendly face. So, everyone has a need to express as they grow.

When I started writing, I had not a slightest idea of why I want to write? And I wasn't sure, if I would be comfortable sharing my life with anyone else. But today, I know I feel very happy when I write. I feel like I am talking to a good ole friend, someone who knows me from ages. Someone who is not judgemental. He who might not give me solutions to my problems, but will give me his ear for sure. Similar things I experience when I dance. Dance elevates me from my intellect, my education, my social status, my fear of being judged. I am expressing myself in the form of body language. I am smiling without a reason because the reason is coming from within. My body is happy expressing it and my mind subconsciously signals to smile.

Even researches show, that people who are very introvert and shy, open up with dancing. This definitely proves my point that your hobbies are your form of expression. Some love to run and sweat and express themselves. Some paint their minds with paintings, however abstract and weird it might look. But paintings tell a lot about the painters emotions. Some find the expression in the adrenaline rush they get while playing any sport. Other hobbies, right from arts and crafts to travel. All would be one or the other form of expression.

Your friends and confidants might leave you or ditch you. But your hobbies are your secret to happiness. You might not be comfortable sharing the aggressive, flirty, cocky, generous, stingy, conservative, broadminded, sloppy side of you, to your friends. But you will definitely express it via your writings/paintings/dancing or any other hobby. However subconscious and unacceptable it might be, but those are your expressions. The conscious mind will be happy suppressing them, but your subconscious mind will always have them in you. So better to express than to keep it to yourself.


  1. Better to express than to keep it to yourself... :) Good observation

    Village Girl

  2. Very true Dipti. Expression is very essential for growth. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

    1. Thank u Ravish for your kind words. For getting emails about my poats, you might want to subscribe to the sight. I dont post regular enough, so I you havent found any other links on my indiblogger :)

    2. Dipti, you don't post regularly; that's the reason I asked for mail subscription otherwise I'd have checked the site regularly for update. It's very simple to add as you've added other widgets. :)

  3. Very true. our hobbies are perhaps a passive way to express ourselves as adults, unlike kids, find it difficult to be openly expressive. Loved the post...