Thursday, August 7, 2014

Khushi's dose of the day!! Time managment lessons

Khushi is 5 yrs now and goes to Kathak, drawing and Conversation classes in the evening. Everyday from 5 to 6 pm, she has some or the other class. And considering the BAD BAD world around, I thought it would be a good idea if she can learn some martial arts. So I went to inquire about the Karate classes held in my society. He informed me the classes are from 5 to 6 pm every Tuesday and Wednesday. That means it collides with her schedules of other classes, so I informed her
.Mummy : Khushi, we cannot join Karate class!
Khushi    : Mummy, I want to learn Karate. I want you to buy the dress today itself for Karate class.
Mummy  : Baby, we will buy the dress when you join the class. Not now.
Khushi    : Why cant I join the class now?
Mummy  : Sweetheart, the timings collide with your other classes. Tuesday you go for drawing and Wednesday, Conversation classes. And both are at the same time. So you cannot join this class.
Khushi   : Mummy, I really want to join this
Mummy : Then we will leave the other classes and join this. Is it ok with u?
Khushi   : Mummy, we can join both the classes now itself.
Mummy : HOW?
Khushi   : I will go to drawing class one week on Tuesday and next week I will go to Karate class on Tuesday. Similarly, one week Conversation on Wednesday and other week Karate. This ways I can learn both!
Mummy (stunned and speechless for few minutes) : Khushi, you dont use your little brains soo much!! If you are learning something, you have to learn it whole heartedly. Missing classes and learning too many things at a time will make you " Jack of all and master in none!".

At her age, time management was an alien concept for me. Listening to her time management plans, the mother in me was proud and worried at the same time. Proud, that she knows how to achieve her goals in crisis situations :P. And worried, because I have to be smarter in dealing with this brat who has a logical answer for all her dreamy ideas.


  1. Sometimes little kids teaches us things that even we fail to understand :)

    1. True Sakshi. Parenting is not only about teaching, its also about learning so many basic but important things in life. I am enjoying every bit of it.

  2. Wow kids teach us so much...What an idea she had? I don't think I could have thought of that when I was a child and even now I would have left a class if I had to do the other...

    Random Thoughts Naba - Trivialize No More!...

    1. Naba, yes, they r jet age kids. But I still believe that YOU SHOULD BE A MASTER IN SOMETHING, THAN BEING A JACK OF ALL TRADES. :P.. Mediocracy is a crime!! :P

  3. Amazing... kids today are so much more evolved... but to be her age, we never went to so many classes as well :-)

    Nice post!!!