Thursday, August 13, 2009

Friday Fever

Hurray!! FFinally its Friday!! Its strange but for me the busiest days of the week are the Saturdays and Sundays but I still look forward for them eagerly. I guess this is true for all working women. Whatever said and done work life has both busy and idle times but for a working women house work always keeps you busy. The list is ready before the weekend even starts. This time Saturday is a public holiday owing to Independence Day so thankfully bank work and other government work is marked out of the list. But still the list is unending as ever.

But I have a huge motivation to look forward for the weekend. YES!! I get to spend two whole days with me sweetheart.Yet Khushi is not old enough to understand that but I can imagine how much Khushi will look forward for these two days when she grows up. Days when her parents are with her, she can have all the fun with them.

Reading my blog, you might question why do I work when I always have the option to quit? If I am soo eager to spend time with Khushi, what makes me work??Hmm,, What makes me come back to work? I had asked this question to myself thousands of time before I joined back. I wanted to be clear in my mind what I want before I start anything. I am a perfect Leo. I will never think after deciding, so decision making has to be done before I start. And once I decide nothing can shake me from my decision. So coming back to why I joined back?
Being independent gives me alot of self confidence.I simply appreciate the efforts of women who are at home and handle their homes soo well but personally I need my own space. When I was home for 4 months for my maternity leave I had a great time. I got alot of time for myself and I spent some quality time with Khushi. Not only that I socialized alot which is I guess something which keeps me kicking. But there is a difference between being occupied and being productively occupied. Coming to work makes me feel productively occupied.
That doesnt mean tomorrow if my daughter needs me I cannot be at home. But till she needs me I dont want to stop giving it a try. This dilemma of whether to work or not to work will always be there in Indian womans mind because we are soo rooted to our custom of Mummy's being at home that somewhere it becomes a scapegoat for us to give up without trying. I dont want to be a scapegoat in my life. Kaash,,,, bolna nahi hai mujhe life mein kabhi bhi. Tommrow if I am leaving work it should be because I am not able to manage not because Khushi forced me.

Enough of serious talks now. Lets have some fun on the blog. For all you readers I want a favour from you. I have organised a get together for my friends at my place for the next weekend. I want to arrange some fun games for them, please suggest me what fun games I can play. I have already got one game that is "BumbCharades" which I saw couple of weeks back in MTV connected. If you want to know what the game is message me. And help me with the other game plsssssssssssss................

Have a happy weekend and keep smiling :)

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  1. :) see I have already come to ur blog and read it. Each word of what u have written is true even for me. Work makes me tired but amazingly fresh that when I get back I m 100% with my family. I think all of us mums r same isn;t is :)