Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rookie blogger

Finally I am a blogger too!! Although I am a tech/internet savvy girl from last 9-10 years but still I never blogged. Strange but its true. I used to love the concept of blogging and infact use to read alot of bloggs while searching for various things on google but never blogged myself. Finally today when one of my colleagues sent me his blog I got that motivation of blogging myself.

What a nice way to vent your feelings and to put words to your thoughts!! I feel that I have got an angel today in the form of this blogging site. :P To start with I am a simple yet complicated Indian girl with alot of dreams in life. Want to live life fully and dont compromise on that. Very lucky and a very loved and pampered being. And most important a new mommy. Have a very beautiful 4 months old daughter who has given meaning to my life. My world starts and ends with her now. She is khushi!! Yeh she is my khushi and her name is also Khushi!

Talking about her I am already sleepy. My little bratt started getting up three times in the night from last two three days. And she is a stubborn soul like her mom and is becoming demanding everyday.

This is my second week in office after my maternity leave and today I have got some work to keep myself busy and today only I need to sleep...............God save me please!! This blogging came as a saviour for me today to keep me awake and less bored than other days. :) Till I blog again, have a great day!!

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