Sunday, July 17, 2016

Avani's dose of the day!! Clever and quirky

Avani hates writing and its a mammoth task for me to convince her to write one page of homework every weekend. 35% of my weekend usually is kept aside for the homework of my two girls. While doing this weeks alphabet homework, she had to write the alphabets n,m, t and l in lower case.

Mummy: Avani, please write 't' properly. The line is too slant and there is a lot of gap in between. It's almost like capital A. Write nicely please!
Avani: (with a smirk) Mummy the 't' is exercising! 😁
It took me a minute to decrypt what she was saying and to imagine the way she imagined it. 
How do I react to these quirky statements from a 4 year old?

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