Saturday, September 26, 2015

Khushi's dose of the day!! Eid Mubarak

Khushi was staring at a doll set in the shop right infront of our car while we were waiting for our breakfast to be packed and brought. It was Eid holiday and we were heading towards Banergatta National Park for the animal safari.

Khushi: Mommy, Can you buy me that doll set? See it has all the FROZEN characters and you know how much I like Frozen!
Mummy: Whats the occasion?
Khushi: You can take it for my birthday.
Mummy: But thats in April. So long way for that.
Khushi: Ok. But today is EID, so you can gift me today as well!
Mummy: Oh, so you want EIDI from me?

All occasions are great to receive a gift indeed!! 

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