Sunday, May 24, 2015

Khushi's dose of the day!! Starstruck!

Khushi: Mummy can you teach me some song, which Annushka has sung.
Mummy: Annushka? Where did you see her? You have never seen her movie ever!
Khushi: I saw her in India's Got Talent.
Mummy: Oh good. Did you like her?
Khushi: Yes Mum, I want to learn to sing her songs and dance like she does!

Khushi is star struck with Annushka. And I immediately went back in flashback. When I was small, not 6 but may be 12-13, I was starstruck with Madhuri Dixit. Her smile, her dance just caught my mind. I wanted to dance like her, dress like her. I went to the extent of buying the dress she wore in Pehla Pehla pyaar hai and the jewellery she wore. And after I saw her in DIL TO PAGAL HAI, I was totally bowled over by her passionate dancing. Even today, she is like an idol for me. When she dances, the world stops for me.
And seeing my daughter going through that stage makes me nostalgic. I have to see so many phases of her life through which my journey of life has been. I hope, like my journey has always been wonderful and exciting, she also explores her world with the same positivity and good experiences.


  1. Very cute piece :) Btw, whose pic is this: Mummy in childhood or Khushi present? You both look like same :)

    1. Thanks Ravish. This is Khushi on her bollywood day in school last year.