Thursday, February 6, 2014

Khushi's dose of the day!! Think out of box

Khushi(4.5 yrs) is very imaginative and creative child. So to enhance her creativity, I have given her a drawing book in which she has to draw one picture everyday with a particular theme in mind.
Yesterday, she drew an underwater theme with starfish, school of fishes, crabs, sea weeds, stones, octopus etc. One thing particularly caught my attention. She drew sun in one of the right top corner. I smiled at her stupidity and tried to correct her...

Mummy : Khushi, you are drawing underwater scene right?
Khushi : Yes Mom!
Mummy : Then what is the sun doing in underwater drawing? You draw sun when you draw mountains, river, houses, basically a village scenery.
Khushi : Mom you can draw sun in underwater drawing as well!!
Mummy : No you cant!! You dont draw a sun in underwater cant see the sun in water
Khushi : Mummy, the sun shines from top when you are underwater. And so you can see it underwater also

I had never tried to think out of box in a way she does. I could have never imagined a sun in an underwater drawing. I guess, I have so much more to learn from my little angel. Today's lesson is - THINK OUT OF BOX!!


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  1. Very smart kid :) thanks for sharing this. Again reminds me that we can learn a lot from kids.