Thursday, January 3, 2013

FaceBook Gems - 2013

14th Feb 2013

"As a teenager I used to love to read those mushy mushy lines everyday which used to come in the "LOVE IS_____" cartoon strip. Never thought I would write it on my own one day!!
Love is when you dont need to say "Happy Valentine's day" on 14th Feb.
Love is when you call his relative before your relatives to wish on any occasion
Love is when you write Facebook updates for him, even when you know he would never check
Love is storing his "Miss you" sms for months together
Love is saying him "Have a nice day" every morning
Love is praying for him every day even when he doesnt believe in prayers
Love is pretending not to be possesive about him
Love is making him cake in the evening when you have reminded him of his blood pressure/cholestrol in the morning
Love is telling him that the world doesnt matter
Love is when he is awake at 3 am to give moral support when your baby is not well
Love is when he spoils the kids and u love it

There can be a full book of one liners I can write for you Ashish Sarawagi, but then
Love is to keep each other grounded forever and ever :)"

1st Jan 2013
2013 has started with very positive vibes n I m sure it will bring a lot of happiness and prosperity for all!! Wish u a very very happy new year and u have only one life so keep rocking!!!

9th Jan 2013
Your brain amazes you each time you think that you have reached your limit and you cannot excel anymore!!

11th Jan 2013
Khushi's dose of the day!!

Khushi: Mummy why dogs do Bhow bhow!!
Mummy: That is how they communicate! Like we use Hindi/English language, barking is dog's language!
Khushi: Why dont they talk as we do? Why cant we teach them our language?
Mummy: They cannot speak our language, God has not made birds and animals to speak like us.
Khushi: Then how can some parrots(Macau) repeat what we speak?

Now mummy has to google as to how Macau's can repeat/learn to speak like humans and not dogs !! Thank God we have Google!! Mom-Dad I salute you for answering our questions, even without the help of google!

14th Jan 2013
Khushi's dose of the day!! + Incredible Bharat!! 
Today morning, Khushi tells me, 
Khushi : "Mummy we are punjabi right?"
Mummy : "Why? Who told you we are Punjabi? We are all Indians, we are first Indians then because we have slightly different cultures, we call ourselves, Marwari, Punjabi, Marathi, etc. But who told you about Punjabi's?"
Khushi: "Mummy, we celebrated Lohri yesterday and you told Punjabi people celebrate Lohri!"
Mummy: "Yes, we did celebrate Lohri. But we also made Undhiya which is a dish made by Gujrati's during Sankranti and we also made Till Laddoo which is made by Maharashtrian's on Sankranti and we also made Sarsoon saag and makki roti made by Punjabi's.And we will also make Sweet pongal which is made by Tamil people.
Similar to the concept of doing a pookalam on the day of Onam and similar to the concept of making Bengali aloo dum and luchi on Durga pooja.
So the crux is, whether we are Marwari's or anybody else doesnt matter. Whatever is fun and whatever we like, we can do it as INDIANS! "
Our kids who are growing up in multi cultural environment are far more culturally aware than what we would have been at their age!! Thanks to the vastness of our Incredible Bharat!!

18th jan 2013
Khushi's dose of the day!!
It was dinner time. Khushi had already drank some 2 glasses of water and she wanted more and I refused!
She quietly went to grab Avani's water bottle. It wasnt too much of a fuss because even if she takes water from that, only few drops will come out, so I choose to ignore! She dropped few drops of water in her mouth, then she realized that its better to invert the bottle in her bottle, that ways she will get more water. Then further when the flow of water was less, she pressed the bottle and succeeded to get a consistent flow of water and finally fill half of her bottle from Avani's bottle of water. Mission accomplished!!
This is how our kids learn to do "Jugaad" in India :P
(Ofcourse she could have opened the bottle and put the whole water in her bottle, but since I was watching her, she choose to do it in wraps! :P )

22nd Jan 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!!

As a practise of teaching her one new thing everyday, I asked her to point out 20 square things in the house. 
She instantly started pointing out square things like square cushions, square coasters, square tiles and then after a 
while she started pointing rectangle objects.

Mummy: No, I have asked for square objects, these are rectangle objects, so they dont qualify
Khushi: Its ok Mamma
Mummy: No its not ok, I want only square objects, not rectangle
Khushi: Mumma if we cut the rectangle objects little bit they become square!

22nd Jan 2013
Avani's dose of the day!!

I gave Avani three table tennis size balls to play. 
She grabbed one ball in one hand and second ball in another hand.
She looked at the third ball for couple of seconds then with the decisive look kept the ball in right hand on the ground,
picked the third ball and put it in her mouth. Then again held the last ball in her right hand. 
So with the two balls in one hand each and the third in her mouth she walked gloriously in another room. Mission accomplished!!

30th Jan 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!!

My staff who looks after Khushi told me that Khushi and her friend had a fight in school and they are not talking to each other

Mummy: Khushi, what happened between you and your friend?
Khushi: Nothing
Mummy: Did you fight with each other? Why did you guys have a fight?
Khushi: No, I did not fight, nothing happened Mumma, there is nothing
Mummy: Ok no problem. Next time anything happens in school let me know
Khushi: Yes Mumma, dont worry. I will handle!

Wowwww,,when did my little baby who needed help in everything became so big that she can handle her own problems :)

Khushi's 2nd dose of the day!!

I was playing a game with khushi. She and her friend were suppose to tell me the names of colours one by one.
They played fair for sometimes and then this started

Arya : Green
Khushi : Light Green
Arya : Blue
Khushi : Light Blue
Arya : Purple
Khushi : Light Purple

Next time instead of teaching her Light green and dark green I need to teach her Sap green and Olive green and golden yellow and chrome yello to make sure she doesnt take such shortcuts!! Gen Z u see!!

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