Monday, April 29, 2013

C-section in the modern times

When I heard that I would need a C-section to bring my baby out in this world, it was quite a dramatic moment. Like the climax in Hindi movies, I thought the roof has come down and things will never be the same again. I would need to go through the trauma and pain of being operated and forever after that I would never be able to lift weights or do any physical exertion. I would never be able to drive and the scars would remain forever and ever. I was sure it would mean pain forever after that.

The scene was quite hilarious if I think of it now. I almost thought my doctor has some personal interest in pushing me to this ordeal and she has conspired with my husband and I need to revolt. I was taken to our relatives place for being convinced to get the C-section done and I was all in tears for almost an hour. My arguments were also so funny "From the day I know I am expecting I have always read only NORMAL delivery section, I dont even know what to do for C-section!! I have walked 3 kms daily everyday throughout these 9 months, how can I have a C-section? I think we should take a second opinion as I am sure, I cannot have a C-section after having such a smooth pregnancy for all these months!!". All the people around me were treating me as a 4 year old who needs to be convinced to take that vaccine for his beterment. And after all those manipulations and force I agreed to have the C-section done.

It was like I was anticipating pain, I was anticipating suffering. The process of getting ready for the C-section was painful and I thought its just the start! I was associating the operation theater with a daemons cave where I would be tortured, brutally cut, stiched and left in pain forever. If it was not for my baby, I would have never agreed for an operation!

Then the moment came, I was finally taken to the operating table. I was injected in the spine for anesthesia. It was painless!My lower body was numb for next 3 hrs. I was handed over my little bundle of joy in 15 minutes and I was in operation theater for at the most 30 minutes. I was out of the anasthesia in 2 hrs and no giddy feeling, no pain, no nausea nothing as I was told by my elder clan.

I was able to fully enjoy my lovely moments with my daughter, was able to see every little movement she did all the day. I was made to sit in almost 6 hrs after the operation and in next 24 hrs I was up and walking on my own. My stiches didnt pain, my body didnt ache. I had a little discomfort here and there which was also gone in next 3 days.

Few years back all the women who delivered babies by C-section had an ever lasting effect on their health. The scars remained forever and the back pain also persisted. Its owing to the superb inventions in medical science and the ultra modern medical facilities in India that now things are so effortless. We cannot avoid the surgeries, but the pain and ordeal attached to it has reduced considerably. Birthing which is such a beautiful emotion is kept beautiful by removing the suffering attached to it.

Few decades back, more than 14 % of the females died in the process of childbirth. Its due to the modern healthcare facilities that pregnancy however complicated it might be is no more fatal.

These are the miracles of modern healthcare and we are blessed to be in India where medical facilities are in par with any other developed countries in 50 % lesser rates.

Modern technologies cannot prevent the diseases fully, but they can made the nightmare a little less horrifying. It can help you revive those beautiful smiles faster. It can save the tears in your little ones eyes. It can give you hope in every situation. It can be everything a mother can be to a child.

This post is written for a contest on named  "How does Modern Healthcare touch lives?"

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