Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tresses as per moods

One day I feel like a school going girl, one day I am the responsible mommy. One day I want to be a rebel and the other I want to act holy. One day everything under the sun is ugly and the other day life is beautiful. So many different kind of moods each day and one hair style?? Not a just thing according to me!
I must have an option of changing our hair style, hair color, hair texture and hair length everyday! Like we can change clothes, I should have the liberty of changing everything as per my moods everyday.
Its a fantastic idea and in today's world, its a doable thing too. I can go to the hair stylist and change my hair do everyday. Can experiment with temporary and permanant hair colors every month if not every week. Perming, ironing, straightening etc are all available and are just a call away literally. And length of hair can be adjusted with various hair accessories and extensions. It all sounds so easy and fun. Playing with your own hair as and when you wish.
But there is a huge gap between reality and fantasy. Everyday the big bundle of broken hair in the bath tub sinks my heart and I am afraid of combing my hair after that trauma. Coloring of hair can be compared to suicide when you know what are the side effects of hair colour. And similar side effects of perming and straightening are seen. So I cant risk to loose my lovely tresses for my fantasies.
But there seems to be a ray of hope. Dove Go play video says, its possible.  Lets find out how.
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