Thursday, July 17, 2014


"NO!!Please don't touch her!", I warned to a gentleman sitting on the next table in a restaurant who was lovingly pulling my 2 year daughter's cheek. We went yesterday night to a restaurant to forget all the trauma we are going through from last few days because of the rape case of a 6 year old girl in the school, by the instructor.
There is something drastically changed in me from last few days. The cool and casual Momma who wanted her girls to live free and be bold in dealing with the world has suddenly changed into an over protective and untrusting mother.
The restroom was 20 ft away from my table, but I refused to let my 5 yr old gurl alone to wash her hands. I stay on the first floor, but I cannot send my daughters in the lobby to play. They are sheilded from plumbers, electricians, drivers, maid servants or anybody entering the house for no good reason I can explain. Not only that, I dont trust neighbours, friends and family with my daughters now. The normal evening walks or cycling fun has become a detailed planned activity with my trusted female staff or myself or husband accompanying at all times.
I had to teach my 5 yr old daughter about good touch and bad touch.  She doesnt even understand what I am telling her, but I had to do that as a mother. She asks me innocent questions as to, should she allow the doctor to touch her chest? My impulsive answer would have been yes!! But the scared mother says, " Only when Mummy or Papa is around!".
If we cannot trust our second parents, our teachers in our second home, our school.  How do I trust a doctor?
I know probably I am overreacting, I know the world is not that bad a place to live. But the mere thought of that little 6 year old gurl makes me pessimistic about the whole world.
I don't want to imagine, what the parents might be going through. I can just not stop imagining her asking to her mother, "WHY DID UNCLE PUNISH ME?"
I have a question for each of you reading me. From Nirbhaya to this 6yr old. We have just talked and protested. When are we going to punish the culprits hard? Every criminal minded person should have a fear of law running down their spine when they even think of this kind of crime. We need to inculcate that fear if we want to stop this. If saving the innocent at any cost is our law, then noone is more innocent that the 6 year old in question. Please save her self respect by punishing the culprits. Publicly hang these criminals and set a precedent. What are we waiting for??


  1. You have echoed all the sentiments of concerned parents, Dipti.
    Shame, Shock, sadness...I feel terrible.
    News is so horrible with such crimes all over...
    The criminals must be given such punishment that no one will dare to commit in the future...

    Wish we had superpowers to set things right.

    1. Anita, I wish the parents would have not gone to the police and killed the culprit with their own hands. Because with laws in India, we have to just wait and watch helplessly while the culprits roam freely. I m disgusted to be born in India for the first time!!

  2. What is difficult to accept is how we have become this country of rapists. More horrifying is the fact that so often, the victims are children. Though our legislation is becoming tougher, mindsets don't seem to be changing much. There is a set of men, like Farhan Akhtar, who are voicing their indignation, but a majority of the other sex think nothing of eve teasing or using rape as a method of punishment. I can understand your fear and in fact, had written a post that you might find fit to read -

    1. We have become a country of rapist because, we have not uprooted the bud of it. When we were eve teased or touched in buses or commented earlier, we did not go back and slapped the people for doing so. If we would have done that, we would have been a better country today! I totally relate to your feelings in your blog, I shared the same feelings then and even today I am not able to find answers to the questions. SAD BUT TRUE!!