Friday, January 31, 2014

"WIN" without the N

Its just one year that I have entered this fabulous world of blogging. I started blogging to put words to my unending thoughts and that pressing urge to express myself. It was purely meant to be as a personal digital diary for keep sake.
So who was the blog about?
A new mother who wanted to capture every moment of motherhood. A self obsessed individual who wanted to share her deeper thoughts only with herself and didnt want anybody to judge it for her. A foodie who wanted to explore new eateries and write about it. A passionate traveller who could write pages of travelogues to remember every moment well spent while travelling. A working woman who has a new challenge to face everyday at work and new sets of problems while juggling with the personal professional life balance. And most important write about the woman in me who is as romantic and as vulnerable as any other woman on earth.
The personal diary slowly began to involve alot of friends and family to it. I started writing about my challenges as a working mother and my emotions as a mother. And people started connecting to the emotions. Which started as a personal diary started inspiring others. And their feedbacks started inspiring me. 
I was inspired to write in a contest by a friend and then there was no stopping. Winning prizes was another inspiration to my little endeavour. 
So by now I have become 50 % blogger. The only thing remaining was networking with other bloggers. 
Being an extrovert in real life in itself is too taxing at times. You are expected to be high in spirit and smiling all the time. And it comes naturally to you. So I decided to be different in the blogosphere. I decided to keep it low and let my words speak and connect to people. Rather than me networking with fellow bloggers.
I read quite a few blogs. I have my favourites as well. I appreciate many and many inspire me. But I want to refrain from networking in the blogosphere. 
So with the WRITE, INSPIRE and NETWORK, to WIN I am short of N. But I still feel like a WINNER and I would continue to WRITE and INSPIRE.

This post has been written as  part of the WIN '14 Activity at BlogAdda

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